Gamut Gallery is a visual art gallery and performance space dedicated to bringing people together to experience art and stimulate dialogue. Our rotating exhibitions showcase the full spectrum of media, content and styles, with a focus on highlighting innovative local artists. From traditional objects like paintings, photography and sculpture to interactive new media, live music, performance art and cultural happenings – we collaborate with artists of all disciplines to deliver thought-provoking programming that engages our audience in an immersive environment.

The principle that art fosters community and that art is for everyone drives our inclusive philosophy. We’ve made a name for ourselves in the Twin Cities’ art scene as the accessible gallery, showing affordable artwork with a welcoming attitude. Awarded “Best Young Talent Showcase” by the Star Tribune in 2016, and four time nominee for “Best Art Gallery” by the City Pages’ reader’s poll, Gamut Gallery continues to receive critical acclaim, promote artists and develop of a community of art collectors.


MinnPost: “Shows on Nicollet Mall left me wondering: Why can’t we do that more often?” by Bobby Kahn
The Downtown Journal: “Art the runs the Gamut” by Eric Best
Star Tribune Award: “Best Young-Talent Art Showcase”
City Pages: “Gamut Gallery Announce New Space” by Jessica Armburster
City Pages: “Good Bye Handicraft” by Kristoffer Tigue
RedCurrent: “The Alleyway Institute’s Swan Song for Gamut Gallery” by Juleana Enright
The Journal: “Gamut Gallery will relocated to Elliot Park” by Eric Best
MPLS Art: “Gamut Gallery Faces Changes” by Wahida Omar
RedCurrent’s Rave Zone: The Techno Love Story Behind Gamut Gallery and Slam Academy by Sarah Stanley-Ayre


Torched curated by RepoMn featuring fine art and functional glass works
Southwest Journal  “Functional” by Dylan Thomas
City Pages “Sweet-ass 420 bongs at Gamut” by Jessica Armbruster

Glitch Art is Dead: Minneapolis co-curated by Miles Taylor, Aleksandra Pieńkosz and Zoe Stawska
Minnesota Daily “Glitch art takes center stage in new Minneapolis exhibition” by Katie Lauer
City Pages “Glitch Art is Dead: Minneapolis” by Jessica Armbruster
l’étoile “Weekend What’s What: 3/9-3/12” by Beth Hammarlund
Saatchi Gallery Magazine “Glitching Out with PFunkus” by Gabrielle Helmin-Clazmer
The Journal “Over the river for St. Patrick’s Day” by Jahna Peloquin

Valure featuring art by Bethany Birnie, Bunny Portia, Caitlin Karolczak, C.L. Martin, Jade Patrick, June Wunrow and Sarah Sauser
l’étoile “Weekend What’s What: 1/26-1/29” by Allison Shilinski
City Pages “Valure” by Camille LeFevre
City Pages “Twisted Playboy Bunnies (and other art shows worth your time this week)” by Sheila Regan
The Journal “The Great Northern shines a light on winter in the Twin Cities” by Eric Best

C4W:2016 curated by Lindsay Nohl
MPLSART “Interview: Lindsay Nohl of Light Grey Art Lab” by Juleana Enright

7 Sins art by Kate Renee
City Pages “Kate Renee’s children’s books characters explore dark themes” by Erica Rivera
Mill City Times “October 8, 2010, Saturday -#7Sins Inspired Dance Performance “Of Vice and Virtue” at Gamut Gallery” 
The Journal “The land of laughs” by Eric Best

PBR Art Showcase featuring art by Wundr, Goat, Amy Bambi Wendt, Pseudo Manitou, Caitlin Karolczak, Brian Matthew Hart, Greta Claire, Angel Hawari, Dan Wieken and REPO
City Pages “PBR Art Showcase: Minneapolis”

Creative Combustion art by Ilya Natarius
City Pages “Ilya Natarius: Creative Combustion” by Erica Rivera
MPLS Art “Creative Combustion: Exhibition and Book Release”
MinnPost “‘5 to 10 on Hennepin’ to debut; ‘Creative Combustion’ opening” by Pamela Espeland
MCAD “MCADians in Creative Combustion”
l’étoile “Weekend What’s What: 8/11-8/14” by Anthony Iverson

Folklore Remix art by Luis Fitch, Rodrigo (Roco) Oñate, and Repo (RepoMn)
City Pages  “Folklore Remix”
StarTribune “This Week’s Must See Art Shows”

Ineffable Ramses Alarcon Sanchez collaborations with photographers
City Pages  “Ineffable”
MPLS Art “Ineffable: Ramses Alarcon- Sanchez”

Macro Machines art by Russ White
City Pages  “Macro Machines: New Work by Russ White”
MPLS Art “Interview: Russ White”
StarTribune “In ‘Macro Machines’ at Gamut Gallery in Minneapolis, Artist Russ White Plays With Ideas of Toys”
Southwest Journal “An International Film Fest, Political Improv and More”

Uniquely Dark art by Scott Seekins and Aleister White 
l’étoile’s “Weekend What’s What, Uniquely Dark Opening Reception and Valentine’s Art Party”
City Pages  “Scott Seekins and Aleister White: Uniquely Dark”

Yuya Negishi: Fluidity classical Japanese techniques combined with pop culture influenced by the street-art of America
City Pages  “Yuya Negishi: Fluidity”

Middle Class Aspirations a collection of all-new work by Wundr, Biafra Inc., and Urban Camper
MPLSArt.com “Exhibition Reflection”
City Pages “Gamut Gallery Gears Up For One Last Show In Its Current Space”

Erin Sayer: The Tom Robbins Series painter, muralist and gallerist Erin Sayer’s painting series based on author Tom Robbins’ novels
City Pages’ “The Dressing Room”
Rift Magazine “Interview w/ Erin Sayer
Secrets of the City
l’étoile’s “Weekend What’s What”, Trash Film Debauchery + Erin Sayer: The Tom Robbins’ Series Finale

Revolution Now print invitational, curated by Ash Marlene Hane and Angela Sprunger
Tumblr “Revolution Now”
City Pages’ “The Dressing Room”
The Riveter Mag Celebrates Revolution Now Kickstarter Collaboration
Secrets of the City

Common Oasis featuring art by Rachel Andrzejewski and Krista Braam
StarTribune’s “stage+arts”
MPLSTLE “Five Reasons to See Common Oasis”
MinnPost’s “Artscape”
l’étoile’s “Weekend What’s What”

City Pages’ “The Dressing Room”
l’étoile’s “Weekend What’s What”
City Pages’ “A-List”

Curative a group exhibition of work by Target Team Members
Juxaposition Arts “Snapshots”

CHIDO by Serene Supreme & Ramses Alarcon
City Pages’ “A-List”
l’étoile’s “Weekend What’s What”
Vita.mn’s “Street Fashion”
l’étoile’s The Culturator – Serene Supreme
Mill City Men About Town
MPLSTYLE Five Favs: Chido at Gamut Gallery

Post Mo’ Bills curated by Erik Farseth & Jade Patrick
City Pages’ “A-List”                                                                                                                                 
l’etoile’s “Weekend What’s What”

If These Walls Could Talk by Cameren Torgerud
MPR’s “State of the Arts”
City Pages’ “A-List”

The Lost Art Group Drawing Show curated by Scott Seekins & Jade Patrick
City Pages’ “The Dressing Room” 
Southwest Journal

Minimum Wage art by Rogue Citizen
City Pages’ “The Dressing Room”
TC Daily Planet

Beauties Behaving Badly art by Kate Renee
City Pages
Local Artist Interviews

 C4W’s 2nd Annual Juried Exhibition curated by Nathaniel Smith, Jesse Draxler & Ash Marlene Hane
l’étoile’s “Weekend What’s What”

Almost Yesterday by Eleventh Wundr
City Pages’ “The Dressing Room”
MPR’s State of the Arts

Flag Show Group Show curated by Lauren Thorson
Bad At Sports Dreams of Flying: One View of Twin Cities
City Pages

Beyond Structure Group Show curated by Schuyler Huber
l’étoile’s “Weekend What’s What”

Make. Believe. by Bethany Birnie
TC DailyPlanet
l’étoile’s “Weekend What’s What”

Imaginarium art by Kate Renee & Brett Early
City Pages
l’étoile’s “Weekend What’s What”

Conditions art by Ash Marlene Hane
City Pages “The Dressing Room”
l’ètoile’s “Weekend What’s What”


Genrebeast an anti-genre residency by Gus Watkins
One Girl, Two Cities “Q&A with Gus Watkins of ACTN”
Art Force “Twin Cities Art Events: September 2-4, 2016”
Secrets of the City “Gamut Turns 4: Ineffable Finale + Genrebeast 2”
MN Artists “Genrebeast 1: Ghost Army, Mrs. & Black Widows, #Macro_Machines Finale”

#GalleryCrawl city-wide gallery crawl including SooVAC, Groveland, Gamut, Instinct, Burnet, and Circa Galleries
MPLSart.com “Gallery Crawl”
Thrifty Hipster “Minneapolis Art-in-a-Day Gallery Crawl” 

Speed Dating Canvases 2015
l’étoile’s “Weekend What’s What”

Raging Art On 2015
City Pages’ “Dressing Room”
l’étoile’s “The Shopping List”

Raging Art On 2014
City Pages

Glam Slam –
Spring/Fall 2013
City Pages’ “Dressing Room”
City Pages’ “A-List”
Thrifty Hipster
l’étoile’s “The Shopping List” 

Glam Slam –
Spring/Fall 2012

Northern Spark 2014
Star Tribune

Speed Dating Canvases 2014
City Pages

Black Weirdos: The Party
City Page’s “Gimme Noise”
TC Daily Planet 
Insight News
TheColu.mn’s Arts & Culture Calendar

“Raging Art On” – 3rd Annual
City Pages’ “The Dressing Room”
Modern Radio