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  1. 7 Sins: A new series by Kate Renee 10/01/2016 - 10/29/2016


    10/01/2016 - 10/29/2016

    7 - 11pm

    7 SINS: A new painting series by Kate Renee that explores the seven deadly sins through pop culture imagery.

    Painter Kate Renee returns for her second solo show exhibition with Gamut Gallery debuting her new three dimensional painting technique in her exhibition, 7 Sins. A natural progression to her Beauties Behaving Badly exhibit, Renee’s latest series examines the seven deadly sins – gluttony, wrath, greed, envy, vanity, sloth and lust – each paired with a familiar pop culture icon or classic cartoon character. Through political and pop culture parody, Renee’s characters provide light-hearted, playful narratives for the underlying sinister themes of her work.

    For 7 Sins, Renee uses a recurring motif of “sevens,” applying seven layers of acrylic paint to create a multi-dimensional experience. An experimental departure from previous techniques which involved applying acrylic paint to birch and setting the resin as a sealant over the finished piece, in this series Renee pours layers of resin over natural wood to create thick spaces in between each paint layer producing a bold, 3D painting.

    With a signature style that reads as “edgy with a cute veneer,” Renee’s distinctive bright color palate and stylistic lines draw the viewer to her lowbrow characters, while their sarcastic, dark and often uncomfortable content presents substance beyond the pop surrealist visage. Each body of work doesn’t simply breathe life into a new character, but challenges the viewer to examine the underbelly of society.

    Renee sees the character choices for this series as evolutionary roles of the princess personalities she used in Beauties Behaving Badly – the Queen of Hearts representing “wrath,” the Wicked Witch of the West for “envy,” Mike Teavee from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for “sloth.” While surface level visuals may direct the viewer to relevant pop culture references, the concealed message is often somber and poignant, i.e. her use of the character Mike Teavee implies a political commentary on gun and police violence, a subtle shout-out to the Black Lives Matter movement. In “Greed,” she enlists the personification of the money- bags-toting Monopoly Man, but with minor changes that take on a Trump form. By highlighting relevant, au courant issues and involving her characters as active participants in that role, Renee presents a platform for a conversation between artist and viewer, however twisted that dialogue may turn.

    In January 2013, Kate was awarded a Minnesota State Arts Board Artist Initiative Grant, completed her Beauties Behaving Badly series and implemented a solo exhibition at Gamut Gallery. She had a nearly sell out show with this exhibit. Her 7 Sins exhibit marks Gamut’s longest running exhibition of the year with a series of accompanying pop-up events and performance pieces throughout its stint allowing for more opportunities to connect with the artist and her work.

    Kate Renee is an acrylic painter who lives and works in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She paints edgy works with a cute veneer on wood panel. Kate graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor of Arts in Art, Art History, and an academic minor in Design. She has worked with various galleries and arts organizations in the Twin Cities including the Women’s Art Resources of Minnesota (WARM), Women’s Caucus for Art (WCA), Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association (NEMAA), Larson Art Gallery, Katherine E. Nash Gallery, the Minneapolis Institute of Art, American Swedish Institute and Minnesota State Arts Board (MNSAB). Upon completion of an internship at Altered Esthetics, a non-profit art gallery in Northeast Minneapolis, Kate became their first Director of Solo Exhibitions in January of 2011. Since this opportunity in non-profit program development, Kate has continued to serve emerging artists through her consultation services. Learn more at

    OPENING RECEPTION // Saturday, October 1st 7-11pm
    With sets from DJ BLEΔK ROSES (Juleana Enright) and guest DJ BOBA PHAT (Beth Hammarlund of l’étoile magazine)
    $5 admission

    DANCE PERFORMANCE & ART TALK // Saturday, October 8th 8-10pm
    Dance performance by Borealis Dance inspired by 7 Sins exhibition. Discussion with Kate Renee and Danielle Ricci of Borealis Dance to follow.
    $10 admission / Doors at 7:30pm, Performance at 8pm

    EXHIBIT FINALE // Saturday, October 29th 7-11pm
    Genrebeast 5: ACTN, the final CD release in the Genrebeast parties by Gus Watkins Other bands TBA.
    $10 entry, $15 w/ CD

    Follow Gamut Gallery on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for sneak peeks and special announcements leading up to these events. Exhibit’s official hashtag: #7sins

    Thursdays & Fridays // 3-7pm
    Saturdays // 1-7pm
    Or by appointment
    Free and open to the public

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Upcoming Events

  1. Genrebeast 5: ACTN CD Release + Halloween Party + 7 Sins Finale 10/29/2016 - 10/29/2016


    10/29/2016 - 10/29/2016


    Saturday October 29th, 7-11pm // $10 admission, $15 w/ Final Genrebeast + 7 Sins Finale + Halloween Party,  featuring the release of ACTN‘s new CD “You Will Never Be Known”


    As we celebrate the end of the 6-month-long anti-genre residency program and CD release party series, Genrebeast, we want to reflect on the amazing collaborative experience this series has brought to Gamut. Working alongside multi-talented musician, Gus Watkins, Genrebeast has represented the epitome of Gamut Gallery’s mission statement – bringing people together to experience art & stimulate dialogue. The visceral art/sound experience put Gamut at the epicenter of a half-year music residency featuring five album releases from five contradistinctive bands – Ghost Army, DEATHDANCE, Patch, Qaanaaq, and ACTN – which coincided with five of Gamut’s exhibit finales. Aside from hosting this sensory extravaganza, the project has allowed Gamut to join forces with an eclectic array of local bands including Jaedyn James & The Hunger, Mary Bue and the Holy Bones, RP Hooks, Half Tramp and more, creating an event series that merged an audience of art and music lovers alike. Each Genrebeast installment was a great reminder of the mantra: “music is about art movement, not genre; community, not scene; playing, not partying.”

    For the closing reception of the painting series exhibition, #7Sins, we welcome back Genrebeast for one final performance on the Gamut stage featuring the band ACTN. Pronounced by saying the letters, ACTN makes enigmatic music that blends trip-hop, enigmatic alt-pop, and avant garde rock. Music writers from around the world have called the band’s work textured, intoxicating, nifty, fuzzy, cinematic, innovative, soulful, incredibly catchy, complex, sinister, offbeat, moody, stunning, gloomy and dark.

    Genrebeast 5 marks the CD release party of their latest album, “You Will Never Be Known” featuring members Gus Watkins, Peter Kenyon, Ray Minge and KPT. With opening acts K. Raydio, Minnie / Bluntz and The Stress of Her Regard.

    Doubling as a Halloween Party, the night will be filled with live music, a costume contest, seasonal parlor games and fun prizes. This will also be the last chance to view the 7 Sins exhibit from painter Kate Renee. Returning for her second solo show exhibition with Gamut Gallery, Renee debuts her new three dimensional painting technique in her exhibition, 7 Sins. A natural progression to her Beauties Behaving Badly exhibit. Renee’s latest series examines the seven deadly sins – gluttony, wrath, greed, envy, vanity, sloth and lust – each paired with a familiar pop culture icon or classic cartoon character. Through political and pop culture parody, Renee’s characters provide light-hearted, playful narratives for the underlying sinister themes of her work.

    Gus Watkins:
    Gus Watkins is a creatively restless and ambitious multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, composer, and lyricist. Watkins has been recording and performing nationally for over a decade, and has been based in Minneapolis since 2007.

    A self-proclaimed “Daughter of the Midwest,” singer/songwriter K.Raydio (born Krysta Rayford) has released two EP’s, performed in many of the Twin Cities’ landmark concert venues (7th Street Entry, Cabooze, Varsity Theater), established a fanbase in both Minnesota and Wisconsin, and conquered stage fright – in less than a year. Who is K.Raydio? You’re about to find out.

    Minnie / Bluntz:
    Minnie Blanco and Mo Bluntz, after years of friendship, finally join forces to release a poppy, yet gritty album for your earholes.

    The Stress of Her Regard:
    Half of the former indie-rock band, Idle Hands, the trio have emerged with Sport Marriage, an EP that draws influence from the Jesus & Mary Chain, Johnny Cash, and Jim Jarmusch, and comes out sounding more like smart British rock that cashes in on bright beats and clever construction.

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  2. C4W : 2016 Annual Open Call for Work Show 11/04/2016 - 11/18/2016


    11/04/2016 - 11/18/2016


    C4W: 2016 – Opening reception for Gamut Gallery’s annual open call for work exhibition featuring guest curator, Lindsay Nohl of Light Grey Art Lab.


    FEATURED ARTISTS: Christopher Palbicki, David R. Woolley, Don White, Donny Gettinger, Erik Andersen, Erik Farseth, Gena LaMothe, Hilary Greenstein, Jacob Eidem, James Zucco, Jane Wunrow, Jesse Aylsworth, K. Daphnae Koop, Karlijn Holzenthal, Kelly Kinnunen, Kevin Weeden, Kyle And, Lou Lou, Luke T. Benson, Margarita Sikorskaia, Natalia Berglund, Neal Breton, Pat Callahan, Seth Young

    For Gamut Gallery’s fourth annual “C4W: Call 4 Works” juried art exhibition, LGAL gallery founder and artist Lindsay Nohl has selected artwork from twenty-four artists out of a diverse pool of submissions. Hailing from a background of illustration and design, choosing work that communicated well was a top priority. The artists selected for the show represent confident creators whose artistic voices were strong, vibrant and intentional in the way they handled their media and craftsmanship.

    Though no theme is required in the original submission guidelines, each C4W curator has brought to the table their own unique perspective of and interpretation to the submitted works. This personalized stamp establishes an underlying theme or recurring motif that is a connective thread weaving together the exhibition. Throughout the selection process, Nohl was drawn to the elements of intention and communication, which can be seen in the clear and clever representation of emotions, stories and moments in the final chosen body of work. In each piece, the viewer can sense the personal behind the presented.

    “There’s always something very revealing about a personal body of work — it’s a self portrait without being a self portrait,” Nohl said about her selection. “Each work speaks volumes of the creator’s intentions, and their thoughtfulness in the execution of their themes. This body of work is a mix of very representational works amongst stylized illustrative work, and abstract pieces with collage and photography. I believe the works chosen are both strong pieces alone and within the context of the group exhibition.”

    Join us for an exhibit that highlights the concepts of readability and response, examining the mindset that you cannot separate the choices an artist makes in their approach to a piece from the final product. It’s all part of the work.

    Lindsay Nohl is the founder of Light Grey Art Lab, a Minneapolis gallery and collaborative arts space that brings together creatives from around the world to exhibit work, share process, collaborate and learn. Light Grey Art Lab has been featured on the websites of CNN, Kotaku, DesignWorkLife, Forbes and Nintendo Magazine. She has been a speaker on collaboration at GOOD Magazine; a panelist on Creative Business at ICON 9 and the Illustration Conference; a judge at for Adobe’s Creative Jam; and a lecturer at the Science Museum of Minnesota for her work at Light Grey Art Lab.

    Nohl is also the owner and lead designer of Paper Bicycle LLC, a product and surface design company in Minneapolis. Retailers such as Target, Barnes & Noble, Starbucks, Tazo Tea, Radisson, and Sephora, among others, have produced her work in the home, stationery, apparel, and gift markets.

    Nohl has published a number of projects including the Girls: Fact + Fiction, an eighty-page celebration of flesh-and-bone as well as fictional heroines, and In Place: Wish You Were Here, which focuses on the beauty of Earth’s most intriguing spaces. She also contributed to Rolemodels: The Battle for Vyk’ Tornaahl, an artist-deck and RPG fantasy card game; the Great Personality visual novel series; Dream Arcade, a 27-level platformer video game; and most recently, COSMOS Tarot & Oracle Deck, retelling the stories of the night sky through the metaphors in the sky.

    Nohl is in her thirteenth year of teaching at MCAD in the Illustration Department. She has also taught at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and the former College of Visual Arts. She has been a board member of the Twin Cities Licensing Group and a member of the Craft and Hobby Association and AIGA.

    Zach Bleier aka Modwell is a 5+ year electronic music producer and performer. He passionately uses his love and knowledge of sound to communicate emotions and energy, and moves people on the dance floor. Deeply dedicated to his craft, he delivers a powerful genre-bending live performance where he creates all original music on the fly using synthesizers and other analog hardware. He studied sound locally at the Institute for Production and Recording, and recently worked at the boutique synth shop Fox Tone Music. Listen to his music on Soundcloud.

    OPENING RECEPTION // Friday, November 4th 7-11pm
    $5 admission with a live synth set from Modwell

    COLAB ART NIGHT // Thursday, November 17th 7–11pm
    Admission $5
    All visual disciplines welcome: painting, drawing, sewing, projections, photography, design, sculpture, and more.

    EXHIBIT FINALE // Friday, November 18th 7-11pm
    $10 admission with touring group ARIADNE from NY
    + provisions from TRU Pizza food truck


    Follow Gamut Gallery on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for sneak peeks and special announcements leading up to these events. Exhibit’s official hashtag: #C4W

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  3. Genrebeast 04/23/2016 - 10/29/2016


    04/23/2016 - 10/29/2016



    A genre obliterating project from local musician, Gus Watkins, Genrebeast is a visceral art/sound experience that puts Gamut at the epicenter of a 6-month-long music residency. Genrebeast features five album releases from five contradistinctive bands to coincide with five exhibit finales. Gamut is proud to host an exclusive event that merges an audience of art and music lovers alike for a sensory extravaganza.

    With five wildly different, diverse-sounding projects, Watkins and his varied set of kindred musicians conceptualize and compose music meant to be explored as an art form, creating  without being overly concerned by labels or pigeon-holed by a ubiquitous sound. From its inception in 2011 as a musical showcase pitting incongruous bands together on one bill, Genrebeast has worked to rid the notion of music having to appeal to a specific scene to be fully appreciated. Evolving into a five-band-project led by Watkins, Genrebeast exists to unite the local music scene and expand tastes through musical eclecticism.

    Inciting people to approach the music from an experiential format, Watkin’s residency acts as a catalyst for shedding an antiquated idea of music consumption. By bringing the artistry to the forefront and moving the performance to a gallery atmosphere where absorbing art is already the construct, Genrebeast reclaims the emotive intent and organic element music has often lost by simply being background noise in a bar setting. Through this shift in focus, Genrebeast sets out to build a community, not just a scene, through collaborative performance.

    April 23- Exhibit finale for Russ White’s
    Macro Machines feat. Ghost Army + Mrs. + Black Widows

    June 11- Exhibit finale for Ramses Alarcon’s Ineffable and Gamut Gallery’s 4th Birthday Party feat. DEATHDANCE + RP HOOKS + Kajunga Records + Half Tramp

    July 30- Exhibit finale for Rodrigo Oñate, REPO, & Louis Fitch’s Folklore Remix exhibit feat. Patch + Mary Bue and The Holy Bones + Blood Cookie

    September 2 – Exhibit finale for Ilya Natarius’ Creative Combustion feat. Qaanaaq + Jaedyn James & The Hunger + Courtney Yasmineh 

    October 29- Exhibit finale for Kate Renee’s 7 Sins feat. ACTN +  K.Raydio  + Minnie / Bluntz + The Stress of Her Regard 

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