Current Exhibit

  1. Ineffable: Ramses Alarcon Sanchez 05/14/2016 - 06/11/2016


    05/14/2016 - 06/11/2016

    INEFFABLE: A collaborative exhibition of mixed media and photography between artist Ramses Alarcon Sanchez and 11 local photographers that examines perception and explores the transcendental.



    At its core, Ineffable is a series about facing our fears and confronting the divine, the ethereal and sacred moments in life while finding our own level of awakening through their undefinability. Inspired by his journeys with shamans and medicine men from Central and South American traditions, Alarcon Sanchez sets out to illuminate an alternate reality. He manifests a dream world where beauty and the superficial constructs used to separate and divide us are eradicated, and the “three faces” paradigm – explored in Japanese culture – are revealed.

    Working with digital photography, film and Polaroids produced by the 11 collaborators,  Alarcon Sanchez hand embellishes and manipulates images to create something entirely new. Though the technical process varies, alternately using ink, acrylic or spray paint, beads or sewn materials, even etching/scratching directly onto negatives – his signature style has become synonymous with his artistry and is bewitching to view. In this collaboration,  Alarcon Sanchez challenges the ideas of beauty, our obsession with perfection and our consciousness of self by presenting a fiction upon a reality.

    From the fashion-esque portraits and stylized photography of Serene Supreme and Erin Pederson, to the storytelling photography of Michael Watson and the bold, expressive images from Nicholas Larkins Perez, each photographer involved in the Ineffable series brings a style distinctively personal. Using this diversity as a way to explore the multiple visages we wear in our day-to-day life,  Alarcon-Sanchez creates altered images which explore not only the different faces of their subjects, but also the darkside: grotesque and sinister elements hidden beneath the surface, while unmasking the true, inner selves in all of us.

    Sarah White
    Serene Supreme
    Ryan Stopera
    Michael Watson
    Chasadie Necessary
    Jorge Aztorga
    Wale Deen Agboola
    Manuel Cantu
    Erin Pederson
    Nicholas Larkins Perez
    Sho Nikaido.

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Upcoming Events

  1. Gamut Turns 4 06/11/2016 - 06/11/2016


    06/11/2016 - 06/11/2016


    GAMUT TURNS 4: Featuring art, live performances, music and DJ sets in conjunction with the Ineffable Exhibit Finale and Genrebeast 2: DEATHDANCE, the second of five CD release parties by Gus Watkins – $10 entry, $15 w/ CD


    For the past four years, Gamut has proudly shared a birthday alongside the vibrant energy that Northern Spark lends the city. Although we are not officially part of this year’s festival, we have a few things up our sleeves to join in the revelry. If you’ve celebrated with us in the past, you know how lively our parties can get. For this year’s birthday, Gamut’s walls will be filed with bewitching art from Ineffable, a collaborative exhibition of mixed media and photography between artist Ramses Alarcon Sanchez and 11 local photographers. The artwork examines perception and explores the transcendental.

    We welcome back the genre-obliterating project, Genrebeast for their second CD release party featuring the sophisticated, cinematic electronica sounds of duo KPT and Gus Watkins DEATHDANCE. Genrebeast is a visceral art/sound experience that puts Gamut Gallery at the epicenter of a 6-month-long music residency and features five album releases from five contradistinctive bands to coincide with five exhibition finales. Gamut is proud to host this series that merges an audience of art and music lovers alike for sensory exploration.

    Music will continue into the night with sets from rap act RP HOOKS, deep house and techno from Berndt & Ryote of Kajunga Records, and soulful grunge-folk from Half Tramp. Plus, a live performance piece meets acoustic act from our friends Qassandra & Apollo, comedy courtesy of the new cable access show  “And Now It’s”, and a live VJ feed from Omen projected onto our backyard patio. Also, because Gamut just loves to ‘go out on a limb,’ we’ll be showcasing an experimental twist on live body painting – live mannequin painting. We’ve invited some of our favorite local artists (including Repo, Erin Sayer, Greta Claire, Benjamin Wuest, Jacob Eidem, Alex Gregory and more) to dissemble mannequins and paint/draw/embellish their signature styles onto a limb/body part. At the end of the night, the adorned limbs will sold as memorandums in an auction to support future programming at Gamut Gallery.

    Come for the art and music, stay for the party and help us raise a toast to thank the local art community for four fantastic years of continued support and for letting us be the innovative, aberrant gallery that we are.

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  2. Genrebeast 04/23/2016 - 10/29/2016


    04/23/2016 - 10/29/2016



    A genre obliterating project from local musician, Gus Watkins, Genrebeast is a visceral art/sound experience that puts Gamut at the epicenter of a 6-month-long music residency. Genrebeast features five album releases from five contradistinctive bands to coincide with five exhibit finales. Gamut is proud to host an exclusive event that merges an audience of art and music lovers alike for a sensory extravaganza.

    With five wildly different, diverse-sounding projects, Watkins and his varied set of kindred musicians conceptualize and compose music meant to be explored as an art form, creating  without being overly concerned by labels or pigeon-holed by a ubiquitous sound. From its inception in 2011 as a musical showcase pitting incongruous bands together on one bill, Genrebeast has worked to rid the notion of music having to appeal to a specific scene to be fully appreciated. Evolving into a five-band-project led by Watkins, Genrebeast exists to unite the local music scene and expand tastes through musical eclecticism.

    Inciting people to approach the music from an experiential format, Watkin’s residency acts as a catalyst for shedding an antiquated idea of music consumption. By bringing the artistry to the forefront and moving the performance to a gallery atmosphere where absorbing art is already the construct, Genrebeast reclaims the emotive intent and organic element music has often lost by simply being background noise in a bar setting. Through this shift in focus, Genrebeast sets out to build a community, not just a scene, through collaborative performance.

    April 23- Exhibit finale for Russ White’s
    Macro Machines feat. Ghost Army + Mrs. + Black Widows


    June 11- Exhibit finale for Ramses Alarcon’s Ineffable and Gamut Gallery’s 4th Birthday Party feat. DEATHDANCE

    July 30- Exhibit finale for Rodrigo Oñate, REPO, & Louis Fitch’s Folklore Remix exhibit feat. Patch

    September 2 – Exhibit finale for Ilya Natarius’ Creative Combustion feat. Qaanaaq

    October 29- Exhibit finale for Kate Renee’s Seven Deadly Sins feat. ACTN

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