Call for Works


Call for Performance Works

Now accepting proposals for 5-10 minute-long dance and theater pieces on the subject of feminism, equality and freedom, to be performed at the Revolution Now Exhibit Finale Saturday, March 21st 7-10 p.m. Curated by April Sellers.


The focus of these performances will be on the artists’ content – movement, action and words spoken – not about production elements. They will be occurring in a small gallery space, supporting and not in competition to the current exhibition. Artists will be expected to adapt their performances to accommodate audience size that evening.

Proposal summary should reveal as much as possible about the performance, give a sense of the tone of the piece and answer the question: how do you personally connect to topic of interest?


**Live acoustic music is welcomed within proportion to the gallery’s size and technical perimeters. All recorded music must be formatted to CD or iPod.
**Gallery lighting will be arranged for the current exhibit; we will not be providing any additional lightning.
**There is a basement studio space artists will be able to use as dressing and prep room, however, load in and load out must happen right before and right after the artist(s) performance piece. Please be prepared to handle and manage your own props as there will be no stage manager present to help in set-up and dissemble.
**A mandatory performance rehearsal will be scheduled at the gallery space on Thursday, March 19th between 6-10 p.m.


**Provide your name, email, phone number
**Executive summary of performance, option to submit image and relevant links
**Performance pieces must be 5-10 min. in length
**Free to submit
**Submit online to:
**Submission deadline: Monday, March 2nd 2015 at midnight
**Artists will be notified by Friday, March 6th
**Works will be performed Saturday, March 21st 2015, 7-10pm
**For more information please email

As a curator, April Sellers has nurtured underrepresented voices in performance. Over the past 10 years, she has sought to offer a platform for choreographers and artists who exist outside the mainstream and to offer a chance for more established artists to step outside of how audiences normally see them. She has a proven track record of creating events that are fun, provocative and thought provoking.

Rooted in a feminist perspective, Sellers has particularly sought artists interested in issues of gender. Interested in expressions of the feminine, she is drawn to work that seeks to question feminism’s history and contributes to future definitions and evolutions of feminism.

Her first venture into curating began as a protest, when she presented OUT in the Cold: a 32nd Annual Choreographers Evening in response to the Walker Arts Center’s cancelling of Choreographers Evening. That sense of the subversive was followed up in 2006 with In The Buff –A Naked Choreographers Evening at The Bryant Lake Bowl, a performance that included 10 local choreographers all using nudity in their work to address the anti-nudity bias of local presenters and curators.

She’s gone on to work as a curator at Links Hall in Chicago, where she created a three-year grassroots touring network focusing on queer performance and she curated an evening of work for Intermedia Arts’ Catalyst Series, featuring her own work as well as other women choreographers.

This summer, she continues the tradition of her mentor, the late John Munger, curating and producing The Rabbit Show, an annual preview of dance performances in the Minnesota Fringe Festival.